Great Sex Tips for Couples

Looking for some ideas to spice up your sex life? Here are five super sex tips for things to try with your partner that will be sure to get the passion flowing.

Exploring the boundaries of your sexual relationship with your lover can greatly strengthen the loving bond between you. Push beyond your comfort zone a little and you never know, it might open up a whole new world of excitement

Visit a swingers club. Bet you didn’t think we’d throw this one in first. The fact is, swingers clubs are not intimidating places at all and you certainly don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to. There also won’t be rampant sex in your face everywhere either; most have a bar or relaxation area, with the ‘action’ taking place out of sight. You’ll meet some friendly people and, at the least, it will give you some new things to talk about in the bedroom at home!

Try outdoor sex. A secluded beach or forest can be a great place for fun sex. Just take a blanket or two and find a place where you won’t be disturbed, although the thought of being ‘discovered’ can give an added thrill to the adventure.

Make your next holiday ‘clothing optional’. Resorts with nude beaches are growing in popularity and for good reason. They can add some sensual flavor to your holiday in the sun. Most are couples-only (or at least adults-only) so you don’t need to worry about gawking teenagers or strange men making you feel uncomfortable. Many people, once they have tried nude bathing, never go back to wearing swimsuits!

Watch an erotic, adult movie together. I don’t mean movies like The Erections, but movies produced for pure adult entertainment. There are many, many websites where you can find ‘ Explicit’ adult films. Trust me, many men will lap dance to these movies in their spare time so that it can be a lot of fun – although be warned, you do NOT want to see this stuff if you’re underage or date this guy.

Talk through your fantasies when you make love. While guys talk dirty in bed, most women will allow themselves to whisper in each other’s ears what they’d like to do. For the ladies: Men don’t like clear talk, but if you tell him what you’d like to do, he’s more likely to join in with you!

Use some edible body paint. Using edible body paint is a great fun way to express yourself when you’re both together. Make changes to the painting on your ‘ wants ‘ and ‘ needs ‘ so you can both come up with a fun sex life.

Use plenty of lubricants and use chocolate or mint for foreplay. If you want to make things a little kinkier, try whipped cream, honey, or an ice lolly. Hand-ink one another forever!

hum a tune. Find a song you both like, or use one that already exists. The idea is to hum it softly. You can use an mp3 of the song to increase the effect, but the real purpose is to hum it softly.

Try playing a game. You can try a game in which you write each othertered questions. The questions could be anything from ‘Where did you learn your sex moves?’ to ‘What’s the most important pleasure in your life?’ With the addition of some spicy ingredients, a game becomes a lot spicier.