The 3 Introductions – Setting Up the Frame For Sex

At the very outset of your frame, there are 3 introductions that you want to try. They are:

Introduce Yourself.This is the critical first contact. This is the time to be playful and confident. Tease her about her clothing, her hair, and her brain. This shows you have the confidence to approach her. It also shows that you are interested in her so you even have the curiosity to ask her out. Keep it light and eliminate any sexual connotation when talking. You are after getting to know her better so it doesn’t come across that you are just trying to get laid. Meet the woman of dreams here.

Introduce Your Body.When you have met the woman of dreams, it’s time to introduce your body. Now that you have shown her you are confident it is time to show off your muscles and good shape. A broad smile is a good display of this. Touch her briefly, but only to draw out her smile. If a woman is responding to you, she will feel aroused just by your presence and the keen contact. Now is the time for you to get up and go. No seducing her this time. You are trying to get a date and she will be going out with you, so take the next step. 호스트바

Introduce Your Mouth.Now is the time to open your lips and show her that warm and inviting mark. Put your fangs forward and make sure she is the one that will hold them. You know she is growing tensed up so make her believe that you are the coolest thing in the room. Lips are the time to shine and tell a woman all about your passions. You have heard it before that all women love to talk about their fashion and accessories. This is also a perfect opportunity to introduce your feminine side. Impress her with your stylish taste and she will be eating out of your hands. As you go on about a usual topic, you may be surprised to notice a little beginning of a romantic twinkle in your eyes. This can be totally good because you have the ability to exude all the confidence in the world. It doesn’t matter if your date wants to kiss you or not. If you play your cards right you have the best chance to score the hottest girl in the room.

Introduce Your Body.Now is the time where you can demonstrate that you have a great body. It’s great if you can get in close, but you can also get way ahead by going for some on your dates. Some areas in particular to focus on making sure your body language sends out the right message. Your legs should be straight, without a lot of slouching, and your torso should be relaxed. Yourvision distribution should be right but not too harsh. Less is always best and always be comfortable.

These are three of the most critical areas that you must be aware of if you want to master the art that is flirting. Practice makes perfect so if you are not comfortable with the idea of meeting and talking to women, then don’t just sit there and watch other guys do the business for you. Get involved! You are not alone. Other guys are just like you and have been after the same goal. The ball is in your court, you have the right to pick the woman you want.